Published on October 15 2020

An electrical panel is main part of any industry. To put it simply, electrical control panels are the base of different control components and electrical housing. For ultimate control over electronic components, electrical panel is ideal to have in any big or small industry. These are easily reliable to control different electronic part at a cost-effective and in a safe way. These electrical control panel manufacturer in Kolkata also provide more organised and manual control, so that you have full access over every components.

In order to install a panel in a new establishment the building needs electrical codes and motor control. To get more thorough knowledge about how these panels works, you need to know about their work ability. These panels are variable in size and strength and according their form.

There are mainly 4 different type of panel

  • AMF panel
  • DOL panel
  • MCC panel
  • APFC panel
  • VFD panel

Automatic Main Failure panel

The AMF panel is also know as Automatic Transfer Switch panel. And the panel to give temporary power supply when there is a power failure or blackout by switching over to the other generators. With the help of different sensors the panel acknowledge the type of power loss and supply power accordingly. Without the help of AMF Panel Manufacturers in Kolkata, you will have to operate each generator individually and manually. This will cause time loss, component damage, electrical drawbacks and some electrical equipment can get damaged too.

Direct On Line starter panel

Dol Starter Panel Manufacturers in Kolkata is a 3 phase induction motor method. In this electronic panel an induction motor is directly connected to the 3 phase supply, and with this connection the DOL starter panel provides full voltage line to the motor terminal. Even after the direct line connection, the motor stays safe from any damages. Because there are protection devices present with condition motoring. DOL has many advantages such as,

  • It is economical and simple
  • Gives full starting torque at starting
  • Easy to troubleshoot and understand
  • Comfortable to operate and control

Motor Control Centers panel

MCC Panel Manufacturers in Kolkata takes care of the harsh industrial atmosphere in order to maintain steady performance. And with the help of experienced workers and engineers, you can build your own MCC panel according your buildings voltage supply.

Variable Frequency Drive panel

VFD control panels are used to protect different electrical equipment from various industrial situation. Such as, dust, humidity, corrosive environment and hot weather. In order keep all the electrical equipment safely at one panel, VFD is ideal. Because these panels are weather and waterproof, it is ideal for installing in at any kind of industrial environment.

APFC panel

Automatic Power Factor Control panel or APFC Panel Manufacturers in kolkata mainly takes care of the improvement of power factor. To measure electrical consumption, power factor is a vital component. APFC panel comes handy when you want to cut down electrical consumption in order to reduce expenditure. These panels are highly recommend for big industries where electrical devices works on high electrical voltage.

All of the above mentioned panels are required to run a successful business organisation. And each of them can be installed according the need of individual industries. Also, the metal box of these panels can be customised by adding multiple sections to hold the different electrical components in an organized way. In order to get the best quality panel, you need to contact a well-known FASD Panel Manufacturers in Kolkata. They can help you understand the panel as well as operate it accordingly. A good manufacturer can also help you take care of the panel from time to time.

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Published on August 10 2020

Are you experiencing discomfort or pain when you try to sit or go to the bathroom to take a crapper? Are you noticing that your anal area is always itchy, uncomfortable, swollen, or bleeding? Probably then, it is your time to consult a piles doctor in Kolkata.


Know when you need a piles doctor in Kolkata:

There can be a lot of issues that you can face while taking a dump. But before you decide anything for yourself, check out the symptoms first:

  • An itchy bum
  • Blood with defecation
  • Feeling like your defecation is incomplete
  • Lumps growing around the anus
  • Experiencing mild to severe pain while sitting or during bowel movements
  • Excretion of slimy mucus from the anus

If you feel you are showing these symptoms, do not jump to any conclusions from your Search results on the internet Instead, consult a piles doctor in kolkata


Treatment provided by piles doctor in Kolkata:

When you will visit a piles doctor in kolkata, you will get advice on how to heal from the discomfort and pain occurring due to piles. Piles can be treated with or without surgery.

If you opt for surgery, the doctor will opt for any one of the following:

  • Push back your piles back inside the rectum with the help of Stapled Haemorrhoidopexy
  • Simply cut off the piles through Haemorrhoidectomy
  • Shrinking your piles by cutting off the blood supply to the piles with the process of Haemorrhoidal Artery Ligation

The piles clinic in kolkata can even opt for treating your piles without surgery using by anyone the following methods:

  • Infrared Coagulation: In this process, the doctor uses infrared light to cut off the blood supply to the piles
  • Rubber Band Ligation: This is a process where a band is placed around the piles to restricting it from dropping off
  • Electrotherapy is a process that uses a gentle electric current onto the piles to shrink it
  • A liquid is injected into the piles to make it shrink via the use of Sclerotherapy


Media contact: Dr. Seth | piles treatment doctor kolkata

Address:Block II , 2nd floor, 127/1 B T Road,
kolkata, West Bengal 700108,India


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Published on August 5 2020

Let’s get cleaned up with sanitizing services in kolkata. Apart from the panic and fear of catching the COVID 19, there is an undeniable importance of sanitization. Though everyone takes their surroundings to be clean, what the naked eyes cannot see are the hidden pathogens and bacteria. The idea itself is cringe-inducing, imaging living with them- without even having a hint of them.

What the naked eyes cannot see, sanitizing services in Kolkata  will clean!

It is common to think that dusting and moping every day is ensuring a clean living environment. But, no! While these two methods clean the surface, the notorious remain tucked away. No one knows when they will jump up with a surprising "peek-a-boo" and make us sick! This is why sanitizing agency in Kolkata is trained to clean up these hidden pathogens. What your naked eyes cannot see, the sanitizing service will hunt them down with the utmost skills.

Let sanitizing services handle the dirty work:

The sanitizing service in kolkata is taking a rebirth in recent times. As the threat of the virus persists around, sanitizing agency will be the alert vigilante the city needs to handle all the dirty work. Be it your office, home, hospital area, or the whole residential complex, large scale sanitization service will be there to help you out. Among these, the medical facilities remain the most vulnerable to the ill-effects of any pathogens, well, for now, it is the Corona Virus.

  • Patients with various diseases come to the hospital.
  • Patients of different age groups are present inside the hospital premises.
  • Leaving them in an unsanitized environment means pushing them more in front of the danger.
  • Especially during these trying times, we would not want more people getting caught under the wrath of the COVID 19.

Since the need for sanitation is not a momentary one, rather an eternal one, sanitizing workers are all geared up with hospital-grade sanitizing products to clean the hospital premises to ensure a safer treating environment- both for the patients and the doctors.

A neighborhood risk:

Now and then, whenever you turn the news on, you hear new cases of COVID taking their turns to test the patience. The radius is getting smaller by the day. Today, it is in the same city, tomorrow it will be in the same locality. It cannot be stopped unless people remain cautious and protective of themselves! But, what you can do is get the locality sanitized by highly efficient professionals.

  • The sanitizing chemicals used are of pure industrial quality.
  • A team of professionals, in possession of professional tools to sanitize, will be at your service
  • They are well trained with the right techniques to sanitize any surface.
  • Every corner of the locality will go through a heavy sanitizing session.
  • The types of equipment used are specially made to sterilize larger areas within the drop of a hat.
  • You get affordable and quick services.

Get rid of any pathogen that haunts you with ease and safety. The post-COVID aftermath will not stand a chance to attack anyone else. The chemicals that are used are safe to be used around humans and animals. So you do not run the risk of harming your health in the process of shielding yourself from the clutches of the COVID 19. Get ready for an ensured healthy neighborhood and a healthy and sterile living.

When you feel the need:

When you feel the need for sanitization, think of the best sanitizing services in Kolkata, and the work will be done with seamless hands. Stay home and keep on shielding yourself from any threats of an unhygienic environment and wish for the vaccine to come up real soon!


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Published on March 20 2020

It is vital that you find a good property lawyer as well because often there might be some issues related with that as well.  So, be clear about the property as well as the problems that prevail in the marriage and perhaps that will give the right solutions as such. Meeting a good divorce lawyer will sort the matter for sure and at the same time meeting property lawyer in Kolkata would also give proper guidance.

Be practical and understand the situation well

It is vital that you understand the situation well and based on that you can take the practical decision. Often, we tend to take emotional decisions and then we will have to repent. So, keep in mind one thing and that is, if you are ready emotionally and economically to take the custody of the child then only you must get ahead with the same. If not, then you should decide what really is suitable for you. Some mothers might not be stable economically and still they would want to take charge of the baby and someday this can turn against her.

When you talk with the attorney just be frank

Talking to an attorney will help you in clarifying many different aspects and hence make sure that you frankly discuss things with the lawyer. If you use credit cards jointly and if you have some common accounts then all these things should be taken care of. Even though the spouses are planning to get separated what matters the most is there should be a good support network. If needed, one can take help of the relatives as well and with such things in mind there would be many different aspects that should be covered for sure.

Media contact:

Advocate chattopadhyay|property| divorce lawyer kolkata(Howrah)
Address: Shibaji sangha Club House, Post Office, 31,Kedar Bhattacharjee by lane, Near Ichapur Shibaji sangha Club House, near Ichapur, Santragachi, Howrah, West Bengal 711104

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Published on February 27 2020


Eczema can create discomfort in the body and this holds true specifically for kids. So, make sure that you find the good doctor who has the potential to reduce the discomfort. Often, these things can create tensions and so you should take treatment to reduce stress.

Get the cleansing done for accumulated toxins

Because there is toxin buildup in the body you will see that the digestion would be negatively affected and finally this can create issues for the skin as well. So, the ayurveda’s line of treatment should work from within. As per Ayurveda no topical solutions and treatment would work for eczema unless and until the cleansing is done from within. So, the benefit of using ayurvedic treatment for eczema is that the root cause can be found and the work is done at the root level.

Media contact: swasti Ayurveda Clinic | Panchakarma Treatment Centre kolkata

Address: 127/1, B.T Road, Near Bharat Gas, Dunlop, Kolkata- 700108


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Published on February 25 2020

If you are in the construction industry then you will have to think that what really are the things that work for you? Like, if there is need for creation of a temporary platform so that the other tasks on the construction site are smooth enough then you should get in touch with a scaffolding materials manufacturer in Kolkata. You can just ask them as to what kinds of materials are available and how the platform would be created. In the meanwhile an analysis can be done from your side too in regards to the need for the temporary platform at the construction site. Basically there are one or more temporary planks and then over them there would be maintenance activities taken up like cleaning of machine, keeping the raw materials for the construction purposes and so on.

The electric power lines and safety with scaffolds

When you are buying or hiring the scaffold materials and services you will have to be careful in regards to the electric power lines. These temporary constructions of planks may not have all the materials that would not catch fire or would be bad conductor of heat and electricity. Hence such basic safety measures should be taken in the start itself. Also, at the end of the day if any fire catching or risky products at kept at the scaffold then that should be taken and kept in other safe place.

What are the different types of scaffold options?

If you are already a master in understanding that what all things would be needed for the site then there is no issue. But since there are many different types pf scaffolding materials and scaffolds that it might turn out to be confusing for an individual while making selection of scaffolding manufacturer in Kolkata. Before you settle down for anything just keep in mind this basic thing.

The different types of scaffolding include:

Suspended scaffolding

Steel scaffolding

Cantilever scaffolding

Patented scaffolding

Single scaffolding

Double scaffolding

Know what size would be needed so that you know how to place an order for the materials

Before you place an order for scaffolding materials in Kolkata you should decide that what size and structure would be apt for you. Is there enough space on the site? This is because once you enroll the same in the task and then in between the construction process removing the scaffold would be a tedious task. Hence make the deep analysis first and only after you are sure what you wish to do, you may go ahead.

You need lighter scaffolds or heavier ones?

You may also have to decide that whether the scaffolds that you are allocating on your construction site would be heavy or light. Well, often when we are on the affordable plans then we will have to take practical decisions and perhaps the lighter ones would cost a little. Also, keeping in mind that the work will get over on a particular span there would be need for lighter options only. Generally the heavier parts and applications are available and open for the industrial applications.

Get in touch with the scaffolding company

Before you decide about anything the first thing that you will have to do is search for the best company which is good enough and affordable. You can let them give you a quote for the costs involved and then after analyzing the same you can take the final decision as such. So, this might sound like a process, but once you get a good solution it would be like a relief from the longer term viewpoint.


Media contact:

SGA | Scaffolding Materials Manufacturer Kolkata

Address: Water Tank, 18/1, Ichapur Rd, Near, Ichapur, Howrah - 711101 , WestBengal



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Published on December 19 2019

Ayurveda is a dynamic field and hence lot of productive changes are taking place. There are good clinics and very good doctors as available to solve the medical issues that you face. So, keeping this in mind you will see that these days more and more people are looking forward for ayurvedic solutions. If you are suffering from any kind of illness then you can talk to a good ayurvedic doctor at Ayurvedic clinic in durgapur. This is the place where a lot of solutions can be availed within reasonable fees.

What you need to inform to the doctor?

So, the first thing that you will have to inform to your doctor is, what kind of symptoms you have been facing. Also, you should talk about the complaints that you face on everyday basis. With all these discussions you will be able to fetch some solution from the doctor. Thankfully, when you use the Ayurvedic technique of getting fine, you will see that the problem will mostly be solved from the very root and perhaps this will cause least side effects. Since this therapy is natural you will be able to seek the benefits.

Check out a good ayurvedic doctor and the clinic

When you come across a good ayurvedic clinic, your next step should be to search for the best ayurvedic doctor in durgapur. This will be possible, if you check out the reviews online as well as offline. By searching for the reviews you will be in the position to find the relevant options and perhaps that would take you to the right direction.

The advanced therapies that can really help

In Ayurveda too these days there are advanced therapies and mediations. Hence, when you feel that you need to work over these basic things then you should check out all the options that may be available. When you are talking to the doctor, just be frank and talk about all the issues that you feel might throw light over the main issue. The symptoms that you face would show up what the problem could be. Sometimes, some hidden problem might be there and there would be no symptoms, such problems can only aggravate over a period of time. Hence, there are preventive medications as well that can help a patient to gather good immunity. Searching for a good clinic and a good solution would surely provide you with the best options.

Media contact: swasti | ayurvedic clinic durgapur

Address: 16, Kabiguru Sarani, 2nd stop, City Center, Durgapur, West Bengal 713216

phone: 085830 82544


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Published on September 12 2019

First off, starting by what does everyone know about conference? Its simple, a formal meeting of people with a shared interest, typically one that takes place over several days, or a commercial association for the regulation of an area of activity or the exchange of information.

Now, anybody might have the question, that what exactly happens in a conference? Do conferences usually occur for many days? What are the norms for which discussions can be known as CONFERENCES.

The most breathtaking and innovative ideas and thoughts are shared in a conference. Be it academic, business, or other aspects which requires companies, groups, organizations, or students to gather and share their ideas and point of views. Every conference has a different vibe to it. And with every different conference comes different themes.

Students might think that why should they even attend a particular conference. The simple answer to this is that, only people who believe in actions more than words and who have certain goals in life attend a conference. Doers and thinkers take part in a conference. One can boost their CV by attending a conference and always gather more and more experience and knowledge.

As everyone knows the human body has the heart for functioning, similarly every conference has the conference hall as their heart.

Some aspects to keep in mind before booking the conference hall are-

  • Reach – An even can be only successful if the venue is accessible to all the people who would want to attend it. It the place is far off and requires a lot of hustle for people to reach there then, the possibility of the conference to turn into a failure is quite high.
  • Staying accommodations- In national and international conferences, an individual travels from different parts of the world or country just to attend it. If the conference hall is not situated in a hotel where the participants can lodge, then the organizers will have to make sure that arrangements are done for the stay.
  • As soon as the venue is decided, the organizer has to make sure that, the conference room booked is available. For example if a person from Kolkata needs a conference room near metro station, then the organizer needs to contact the person in charge of the hall as soon as possible.
  • Price- one of the prime importance of the venue to be decided is the cost, Whether the venue decided can be afforded, In simple terms according to the budget we will need to decide the venue for the conference.
  • Staff Presence- Without the required help, a conference cannot be started because if the staff efficiency is not on point then the management of the conference will all together fall out of place.
  • Facilities and technical availability- You will need to see what are the facilities provided by the conference venue, whether all the required amendments are present in the place if the place has the required microphone, Wi-Fi etc.

With that, being a resident of Kolkata, there are many conference rooms in Kolkata, be it low budget conference room in Kolkata which might be associated with the small conference room in Kolkata.

There are many conference hall near me, by saying that our city hosts all there venue with the required qualities with will suit the theme and characteristics of the conference. With that being said, one can always use the help of numerous search engines in order to get the required statistics and data about the venue he/she wants to book on the time period of the conference, and make the conference a successful one.                    

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Published on August 8 2019

paverblock kolkata

paverblock kolkata

More and more commercial facilities are being developed and hence people want to know that how each can be used to give results such as better economies of scale. So, keeping all these things in mind there are many good machines that are created. If you are looking for the best Vibrating Table Manufacturer in Kolkata then you can search for a good option first. Online or offline search can help you in that. The colourful paver blocks are quite a hit in the construction industry so as to create amazing patios, compound areas and so on. Hence the construction industry has good demand for mosaic tiles. But in order to make mosaic tiles there will be need of good quality vibrating table.

How does vibrating table work to make the paver blocks?

Generally the vibrating table comes into picture at the end of the paver block making cycle. There will be need for mortar first and it is generally created with the help of other systems and machines. The mortar is to be placed on the tray and then in order to adjust the size of the material and match the same with the container there would be vibrations and then the mortar gets the tray’s shape quickly.

What kind of vibrating table one should choose?

In order to give the paver blocks a perfect shape and look you will have to use a good quality vibrating table. Hence, try and use the one that comes with the fabricated body. Also, it should have a powerful vibro motor. The strength of the motor should of 2 horsepower and it should be taking an electricity of around 440 volts. It is true that the tiles that are o be created can be created as per the custom demand. But it is vital that one should keep in mind the standard size and the vibrating table that is ordered should be of an ideal size. If you are having your business in Kolkata then you can order mosaic tiles making vibrating table in Kolkata.

Choose a good and reputed manufacturer for vibrating table

For those who are planning to start paver block making business they should get paver blocks making vibrating table in Kolkata. Having selected a good and reputed dealer will always help you to get good machinery. Like, you should have basic idea about what would suit your needs and based on that you need to find the eight solutions. Thanks to the growing technology changes that people are able to get exactly what they want. This can really help you in getting the right solutions as such. Paver block machines come in different sizes and capacities. You should select the one that would be ideal for you.

Kolkata has good options

Kolkata has become a business hub and there are many good manufacturing units available here. This, whether you are looking for several special machinery or man power, you can find that all in Kolkata. Keeping all these things in mind a good vibrating table can serve your purpose. This will really give you benefits that are better for creating a better source of income. You will have to read a lot and figure out what kind of specifications do the vibrating tables carry. If they are as per your needs then you can surely go ahead and get the relevant solutions. If you have been searching for several specific machines then you can try your luck in Kolkata as it is one of the most rocking cities when it comes to finding new businesses and also get good machinery for making your products.




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Published on May 24 2019

Registering a domain name trademark  for your online company is a vital step towards becoming online. Your URL address will become your business profile, the term or phrase which individuals will use to locate you online, whether utilizing an internet typing URl directly in their browser.
It Is Critical to have a Domain to get a trademark because domains are user-friendly and easy to remember addresses that domain name checker uses to find any site. A domain name quite likewise, can be known as an internet identity of a person's business. The domain names are ensured by different TLD.  Every site has a domain name that functions as an identity, which can be used to get the site.
Trademark now has Probably been the most precious asset of a business enterprise. They usually refer to a certain logo or brand or they may also be accessed for a company name, identifying catchphrases, caption. It's also necessary for a business to attain TM registration for the increase of the company, their brand names beneath the TM
 Domain name trademark lawyer in Kolkata is qualified and capable to act on TM design things. The legislation Anti-Cybersquatting Consumer Protection Act in 1999 (November). Can file and look before the TM examiner. The Function of a trademark Lawyer in Kolkata would be to advise customers on the common TM problem and  Trademark lawyers also counsel and indicate on Portfolio management in the highlight of their customer's present needs, such as the Expansion of security, transfers of ownership, permits, and other Developments affecting the customer's TM.  A trademark holder can use to collect compensation and regain a domain name by someone who, having a bad faith intent to profit, registered a domain name that's identical or similar to a distinctive or renowned trademark.

Media contact: SVLA IPR | Trademark Registration Kolkata | Logo Registration

Address: 109/21B, Hazra Road, Post Office, Hazra, Kalighat, Kolkata, West Bengal 700026




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