Published on August 10 2020

Are you experiencing discomfort or pain when you try to sit or go to the bathroom to take a crapper? Are you noticing that your anal area is always itchy, uncomfortable, swollen, or bleeding? Probably then, it is your time to consult a piles doctor in Kolkata.


Know when you need a piles doctor in Kolkata:

There can be a lot of issues that you can face while taking a dump. But before you decide anything for yourself, check out the symptoms first:

  • An itchy bum
  • Blood with defecation
  • Feeling like your defecation is incomplete
  • Lumps growing around the anus
  • Experiencing mild to severe pain while sitting or during bowel movements
  • Excretion of slimy mucus from the anus

If you feel you are showing these symptoms, do not jump to any conclusions from your Search results on the internet Instead, consult a piles doctor in kolkata


Treatment provided by piles doctor in Kolkata:

When you will visit a piles doctor in kolkata, you will get advice on how to heal from the discomfort and pain occurring due to piles. Piles can be treated with or without surgery.

If you opt for surgery, the doctor will opt for any one of the following:

  • Push back your piles back inside the rectum with the help of Stapled Haemorrhoidopexy
  • Simply cut off the piles through Haemorrhoidectomy
  • Shrinking your piles by cutting off the blood supply to the piles with the process of Haemorrhoidal Artery Ligation

The piles clinic in kolkata can even opt for treating your piles without surgery using by anyone the following methods:

  • Infrared Coagulation: In this process, the doctor uses infrared light to cut off the blood supply to the piles
  • Rubber Band Ligation: This is a process where a band is placed around the piles to restricting it from dropping off
  • Electrotherapy is a process that uses a gentle electric current onto the piles to shrink it
  • A liquid is injected into the piles to make it shrink via the use of Sclerotherapy


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Published on August 5 2020

Let’s get cleaned up with sanitizing services in kolkata. Apart from the panic and fear of catching the COVID 19, there is an undeniable importance of sanitization. Though everyone takes their surroundings to be clean, what the naked eyes cannot see are the hidden pathogens and bacteria. The idea itself is cringe-inducing, imaging living with them- without even having a hint of them.

What the naked eyes cannot see, sanitizing services in Kolkata  will clean!

It is common to think that dusting and moping every day is ensuring a clean living environment. But, no! While these two methods clean the surface, the notorious remain tucked away. No one knows when they will jump up with a surprising "peek-a-boo" and make us sick! This is why sanitizing agency in Kolkata is trained to clean up these hidden pathogens. What your naked eyes cannot see, the sanitizing service will hunt them down with the utmost skills.

Let sanitizing services handle the dirty work:

The sanitizing service in kolkata is taking a rebirth in recent times. As the threat of the virus persists around, sanitizing agency will be the alert vigilante the city needs to handle all the dirty work. Be it your office, home, hospital area, or the whole residential complex, large scale sanitization service will be there to help you out. Among these, the medical facilities remain the most vulnerable to the ill-effects of any pathogens, well, for now, it is the Corona Virus.

  • Patients with various diseases come to the hospital.
  • Patients of different age groups are present inside the hospital premises.
  • Leaving them in an unsanitized environment means pushing them more in front of the danger.
  • Especially during these trying times, we would not want more people getting caught under the wrath of the COVID 19.

Since the need for sanitation is not a momentary one, rather an eternal one, sanitizing workers are all geared up with hospital-grade sanitizing products to clean the hospital premises to ensure a safer treating environment- both for the patients and the doctors.

A neighborhood risk:

Now and then, whenever you turn the news on, you hear new cases of COVID taking their turns to test the patience. The radius is getting smaller by the day. Today, it is in the same city, tomorrow it will be in the same locality. It cannot be stopped unless people remain cautious and protective of themselves! But, what you can do is get the locality sanitized by highly efficient professionals.

  • The sanitizing chemicals used are of pure industrial quality.
  • A team of professionals, in possession of professional tools to sanitize, will be at your service
  • They are well trained with the right techniques to sanitize any surface.
  • Every corner of the locality will go through a heavy sanitizing session.
  • The types of equipment used are specially made to sterilize larger areas within the drop of a hat.
  • You get affordable and quick services.

Get rid of any pathogen that haunts you with ease and safety. The post-COVID aftermath will not stand a chance to attack anyone else. The chemicals that are used are safe to be used around humans and animals. So you do not run the risk of harming your health in the process of shielding yourself from the clutches of the COVID 19. Get ready for an ensured healthy neighborhood and a healthy and sterile living.

When you feel the need:

When you feel the need for sanitization, think of the best sanitizing services in Kolkata, and the work will be done with seamless hands. Stay home and keep on shielding yourself from any threats of an unhygienic environment and wish for the vaccine to come up real soon!


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