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Published on October 15 2020

An electrical panel is main part of any industry. To put it simply, electrical control panels are the base of different control components and electrical housing. For ultimate control over electronic components, electrical panel is ideal to have in any big or small industry. These are easily reliable to control different electronic part at a cost-effective and in a safe way. These electrical control panel manufacturer in Kolkata also provide more organised and manual control, so that you have full access over every components.

In order to install a panel in a new establishment the building needs electrical codes and motor control. To get more thorough knowledge about how these panels works, you need to know about their work ability. These panels are variable in size and strength and according their form.

There are mainly 4 different type of panel

  • AMF panel
  • DOL panel
  • MCC panel
  • APFC panel
  • VFD panel

Automatic Main Failure panel

The AMF panel is also know as Automatic Transfer Switch panel. And the panel to give temporary power supply when there is a power failure or blackout by switching over to the other generators. With the help of different sensors the panel acknowledge the type of power loss and supply power accordingly. Without the help of AMF Panel Manufacturers in Kolkata, you will have to operate each generator individually and manually. This will cause time loss, component damage, electrical drawbacks and some electrical equipment can get damaged too.

Direct On Line starter panel

Dol Starter Panel Manufacturers in Kolkata is a 3 phase induction motor method. In this electronic panel an induction motor is directly connected to the 3 phase supply, and with this connection the DOL starter panel provides full voltage line to the motor terminal. Even after the direct line connection, the motor stays safe from any damages. Because there are protection devices present with condition motoring. DOL has many advantages such as,

  • It is economical and simple
  • Gives full starting torque at starting
  • Easy to troubleshoot and understand
  • Comfortable to operate and control

Motor Control Centers panel

MCC Panel Manufacturers in Kolkata takes care of the harsh industrial atmosphere in order to maintain steady performance. And with the help of experienced workers and engineers, you can build your own MCC panel according your buildings voltage supply.

Variable Frequency Drive panel

VFD control panels are used to protect different electrical equipment from various industrial situation. Such as, dust, humidity, corrosive environment and hot weather. In order keep all the electrical equipment safely at one panel, VFD is ideal. Because these panels are weather and waterproof, it is ideal for installing in at any kind of industrial environment.

APFC panel

Automatic Power Factor Control panel or APFC Panel Manufacturers in kolkata mainly takes care of the improvement of power factor. To measure electrical consumption, power factor is a vital component. APFC panel comes handy when you want to cut down electrical consumption in order to reduce expenditure. These panels are highly recommend for big industries where electrical devices works on high electrical voltage.

All of the above mentioned panels are required to run a successful business organisation. And each of them can be installed according the need of individual industries. Also, the metal box of these panels can be customised by adding multiple sections to hold the different electrical components in an organized way. In order to get the best quality panel, you need to contact a well-known FASD Panel Manufacturers in Kolkata. They can help you understand the panel as well as operate it accordingly. A good manufacturer can also help you take care of the panel from time to time.

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