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Published on March 20 2020

It is vital that you find a good property lawyer as well because often there might be some issues related with that as well.  So, be clear about the property as well as the problems that prevail in the marriage and perhaps that will give the right solutions as such. Meeting a good divorce lawyer will sort the matter for sure and at the same time meeting property lawyer in Kolkata would also give proper guidance.

Be practical and understand the situation well

It is vital that you understand the situation well and based on that you can take the practical decision. Often, we tend to take emotional decisions and then we will have to repent. So, keep in mind one thing and that is, if you are ready emotionally and economically to take the custody of the child then only you must get ahead with the same. If not, then you should decide what really is suitable for you. Some mothers might not be stable economically and still they would want to take charge of the baby and someday this can turn against her.

When you talk with the attorney just be frank

Talking to an attorney will help you in clarifying many different aspects and hence make sure that you frankly discuss things with the lawyer. If you use credit cards jointly and if you have some common accounts then all these things should be taken care of. Even though the spouses are planning to get separated what matters the most is there should be a good support network. If needed, one can take help of the relatives as well and with such things in mind there would be many different aspects that should be covered for sure.

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